JC Security Protection is the professional security company hired to patrol the community to ensure the safety of our homes and community. JC Security patrols our community 24/7. We are also working closely with the NYPD NCO’s of the 43rd Precinct to ensure the peaceful enjoyment of our common areas and the safety of all residents.

The safety and security of our Shorehaven Homeowners and Residents is a top priority. Your cooperation with the Community Rules is essential to maintaining a positive quality of life in our community.

  • Register your guest by using the Savance guest management system

  • Please note that deliveries and moving trucks will only be allowed to enter the community Monday-Saturday 7am-8pm. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • To report an incident or an illegally parked vehicle, call the Security Booth at: (347) 983-1542

  • In the event of a serious emergency, please call 911.